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Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Jesus Let Me Down (2-LP)

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Jesus Let Me Down (2-LP)

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Jesus Let Me Down, Slim Cessna's Auto Club's raucous live double album, was originally issued in 2005 as a fan-club-type release available almost exclusively at the band's concerts. However, after quickly selling through an initial pressing, the group decided to release it as a proper album on Smooch rather than see it going for big bucks on eBay.

Recorded by Absinthe Studios' Bob Ferbrache (16 Horsepower, Blood Axis) at Denver's lovely Gothic Theater in August 2004, Jesus Let Me Down captures the band's CD release show for their Alternative Tentacles studio album Bloudy Tenent. The songs are interspersed with Cessna and Munly's banter, on-stage antics and collected field recordings from camcorders and camera phones edited together by Ferbrache (Alternative Tentacles leader Jello Biafra is audible).

Re-mastered for optimum vinyl enjoyment by Ferbrache, this double-LP set features tracks spanning the first twelve years of the band's career including fan faves like "Lethal Injection" (previously available only on the out-of-print American Country Music Changed Her Life). Slim Cessna's Auto Club is the very definition of a "live band," more thrilling than the latest IMAX or 3D spectacle--or at least more sweat-soaked.

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