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Sleep Shacks at Muddy Roots 2018

  • 45000

Muddy Roots 2018 rustic sleep shacks will sell out fast! We have 10 available each with mattresses. WE ARE UPGRADING TO 20,000 WATT GENERATORS!! They run constantly from Thursday through Sunday night.

Sanctuary! No need to drive to the city every night. No need to worry about finding a ride to the hotel because you had a drink too many! You can stay on the property in a little cabin with air conditioning.    8'x10' wooden mini cabins.

Cabin Rental comes with:

  • Sleeps 4.  Has 2 bunks beds - 4 mattresses
  • Window a/c unit
  • 1 electrical outlet
  • 1 key
  • 10:00 am check out
  • 5 pm check in
  • 1 light

You will need your own blanket, sheets, sleeping bag, pillow. Does not include ticket price.


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