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Hatch Show Print - Nashville Boogie 1940's Poster (20x13)

  • 500

The goal was to print what looked like a Hillbilly Country Western poster printed in the 1940's.  The beauty of it is that these presses have been printing posters since the 1870's. That includes every major early to mid century country, hillbilly, blues and bluegrass artist.  These block letters could very well have been used on those posters as most everything in the shop is original.  To top it all off the shop is now located in the Country Music Hall  of Fame!  We can go on all day as to why it is such an honor for us to get our gig posters printed there.

20 were printed. 50 will be sold online. 50 will be sold at the show. 100 will be hung around Nashville. One time only print.  13"x19"

We believe whole heartedly that they are art and represent everything our company stands for. What better way to represent the Nashville Boogie? Hand made art on historic presses in the church of Country Music. Yes! Thank you.


Big thanks to our pal Carl Carbonell at Meat and 3 printing for his design and hard work.

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