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Hank Haint - Blackout (Vinyl)

Hank Haint - Blackout (Vinyl)

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Vinyl LP includes CD

Labelling Hank Haint a "one-man band" may be accurate, but it sure as hell doesn't do him justice. His uncompromising, no-bullshit approach to making music is refreshingly simple, yet not without depth. His sound is meaty; the kind of meat that once you sink your teeth into, it's hard to tear loose from but nor do you want to. An Outsider, a typical Voodoo Rhythm Artist we would say a man with skills and a man who knows exactly what he wants. His 1st album is on it's conquer the world.

Recorded at unorthodox TOE RAG STUDIOS with Sir Liam Watson and at DROPOUT STUDIOS with Tim Cedar of PART CHIMP, mixed by HANK HAINT himself and his friends. Mastered in Switzerland's Echochamber by Dan Suter.

The sound of this record is in the realm of blues garage rock, comparisons to Captain Beefheart and Sonic Youth wouldn't be out of place. But whatever his influences, the music itself rings with sincerity, every song made and played with a middle finger held up to current trends. And that can only be a good thing

Voodoo Rhythm Records 2012

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