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Dead Brothers - Day of the Dead (VRCD12/VR1212)

Dead Brothers - Day of the Dead (VRCD12/VR1212)

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2002, CH, Morbid Blues, Voodoo Rhythm Records

The one and only funeral orchestra along with tuba and top hat with their 2nd super wierd and fantastic album day of the dead . Incl. incredable version of cramps’s human fly, hank williams covers and the incredable esclavo triste 


Prelistening and Digital Download  at : Finetunes

1. Walzer
2. Closer to you
3. Esclavo Triste
4. The angel of death
5. Plaisir d'amour
6. pout the bottle back on the table
7. Human Fly
8. Entre chien et Loup
9. Goldbrunbrunnen Platz
10. La Paloma
11.der Tod von Basel
12. Things you hide
13. St.James Infirmary Blues
14. How deep is the water?

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