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Dead Brother - flammend herz

Dead Brother - flammend herz

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2004, CH, soundtrack, Voodoo Rhythm Records

Movie and radio soundtrack for Documentary about Tattoo Legend Herbert Hofmann..all instrumentals not one vocal track on it..gipsy old jazz country blues .. The perfect soundtrack for all you tattoo artists around the globe


1. Time has gone
2. Things you hide
3. Am I to be the one 4. Geistzug
5. Swing 48 radio
6. Roadworker blues
7. Hund und Wölfe
8. Good time religion
9. Tatoo java
10. Never sang the blues
11. Nunca le cantado el Blues
12. Der Wald
13. The Mole
14. Tod von Basel
15. The Wind i de Wide
16. Volé mon traîneau
17. Mai lo cantato il blues
18. Lulu’s back in town
19. Tatoo java

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